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Stories from a Jennifer

7 August
Hi, I'm Puppie. I was born in 1974. In November 2009, I married this guy: ironman1231. I recently moved to Houston, TX from Austin, TX. I've also lived in St. Louis, MO; Boston, MA; and west Michigan. I've been working as an administrative assistant for many years. I had RNY gastric bypass surgery 02/12/08 and lost 140 pounds. I also have "but you don't look sick"-style autoimmune issues.

I'm pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, and anti-fundamentalism. I'm childfree, dependent on anti-depressants for life, and prone to sponging up other people's emotions. I'm so deceptively put-together that anyone who hears my childhood is deeply shocked by it. I'm stupidly open. I use a lot of swear words. It's nice to meet you.
addison's disease, alamo drafthouse, alice in chains, ani difranco, aqua blue, austin, autumn, ballet flats, behavioral economics, being erica, bill maher, bitch magazine, books, boston, breakfast, breezes, brunch, buddhism, burgundy, caffeine, california rolls, chick flicks, chick lit, childfree, chocolate brown, civil liberties, clothes, clouds, coffee, comedy, cosmetics, cuddling, cultural studies, cupcakes, dan savage, david gray, david sedaris, depeche mode, digs magazine, elizabeth warren, employee benefits, ethical humanism, fairy lights, feminism, gastric bypass, gay marriage, gay rights, generation x, gerbera daisies, gilmore girls, gluten free, gluten-free, grand rapids, gray, hard cider, houston, ikea, indian food, iphone, iridescence, journaling, justin timberlake, labor studies, lakes, lattes, letters to cleo, lie to me, life/work balance, lime green, lush, makeup, margaritas, marriage, mentalist, metaphysics, mexican food, michael moore, movies, npr, oceans, opals, paganism, pearl jam, people watching, plum, pop culture, portishead, pretty dresses, psychology, pumpkin spice, red hot chili peppers, reisling, reproductive rights, rny, romance, rose gold, roses, seinfeld, sephora, shopping, silver, sleep, smiths, snow, sociology, sparkles, st. louis, starbucks, stars, stone temple pilots, strawberries, subversion, sunshine, teh intarwebz, the cardigans, the cure, thomas moore, thunderstorms, tori amos, tulips, ulta, voyeurism, weddings, weight loss surgery, wind, winter, wls